“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”
- Coco Chanel

"You just need to have a love for what you’re doing. It’s not about thinking that it’s the cool thing; it’s about really believing in it"
- Anna Wintour

"You’re under no obligation to be the same person you were five minutes ago."

Grow every second  (via rosecreasey)

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Es ist einfach krass wie nah wir uns waren und wie viele Gemeinsamkeiten wir hatten und plötzlich war das alles wie auf einen Schlag weg.

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"We were meant to lose the people we love. How else would we know how important they are?"

F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (via heartique)

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"It doesn’t make sense to call ourselves ugly, because we don’t really see ourselves. We don’t watch ourselves sleeping in bed, curled up and silent with chests rising and falling with our own rhythm. We don’t see ourselves reading a book, eyes fluttering and glowing. You don’t see yourself looking at someone with love and care inside your heart. There’s no mirror in your way when you’re laughing and smiling and happiness is leaking out of you. You would know exactly how bright and beautiful you are if you saw yourself in the moments where you are truly yourself."
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"He fell on me like a wave.
But like a wave he washed away, leaving no sign he’d been there."

Louise Erdich (via vvolare)

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